Parent-School Partnership

Parents are essential to our school. Through working in partnership with the teachers and students, our school is not just a good school, but a great school. The countless unpaid hours of help that so many parents put into this school are one of the fundamental features of Lilydale West. We are not just a place where children and teachers spend time; we are a community, involving everyone in every aspect of school life. As such, grandparents, extended family and people in our community are welcome to help out.


Some of the many ways in which you as a parent or community member can get involved and help are:

Literacy/Numeracy Support

Vegetable/Herb Garden and Cooking Program

Foundation Sport Program (FSP)



Special Lunches

Canteen Duty

Childrens' School Banking

Buildings and Grounds/Working Bees

School Council


Not only do you get to help your child and the school, but you can come away with valuable friendships and skills.  Interested? Speak to your child's teacher, or drop in at the school office. If you like you can email us for more information.