School Council

The school council is the group of people who govern the school. It is given the power to set the key directions for the school, and is a legal entity in its own right. A school council directly influences the quality of education that a school provides to its students.


Three of the critical roles of school councils are; developing the strategic plan, approving the annual budget, and setting and reviewing policies.


Other roles include:

  • School maintenance - buildings and grounds
  • Sub-contracting for example - School Cleaning Contract
  • Fundraising
  • Developing, reviewing and monitoring the Student Code of Conduct and the School Dress Code
  • School community engagement - promoting and communicating about the school to the wider community

School Council comprises: (Maximum School Council Membership is 15)

  • Eight Parent members - elected
  • Five DEECD (Department of Education and Early Childhood Development) members - elected
  • Principal
  • Up to two co-opted members (nominated by School Council)

Meetings are held once a month. Members of the school community are welcome to attend meetings.

School Council operates an effective system of sub-committees as follows:

  • Finance/management Committee
  • Resources sub committee - Environment & Buildings and Grounds
  • Education sub committee - Policy, Curriculum & School Strategic/Annual Implementation Plans
  • Outside School Hours Care sub committee
  • Marketing and Promotions Committee
  • Fundraising Committee

Parents are highly encouraged to consider nominating as School Councillors or becoming involved in the activities of the sub-committees.