Camping Program

Foundation: Foundation Breakfast at school late Term 4.


Year 1 and 2:  Games and dinner at school and a sleep over for year 2 students, during Term 4.


Year 3 and 4: Camp for 1 or 2 nights at alternating locations:

Even years: Country location - Camp Weekaway in Lancefield.

Odd years: City location - Urban Camp (Based at Royal Park, Parkville)


The Year 3/4 camps traditionally take place in Terms 2 or 3.


Year 5 and 6: Camp for 4 nights at alternating locations:

Odd years: Outdoor Ed Camp - Camp Allambee (Strzelecki Ranges of West Gippsland)

Even years: Educational Road Trip - Canberra

Canberra Camp takes place in Term 3 and Camp Allambee takes place in Term 4.